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The Truth AbouAre You Crazy!!?

There is a secret behind every front door. Hidden behind the smiles of normalcy and obscured by a façade of etiquette lie quirks, secrets, and peculiarities. Each of us has our idiosyncrasies: those small curious behaviors that add personality and character to daily life. Every household has its own taboos and special requirements for family members. They are impossible to discern from the exterior. But, once you get to know someone, really get intimate with them, and peel back those layers of decorum, you learn about their mind-jarring oddities. And there comes a point in every relationship where you shake your head in disbelief, and ask are you crazy!!?

Are You Crazy? is a hilarious paperback that offers readers the ultimate in behavior self-evaluation. Its eight chapters include fun descriptions of over 80 specific quirks providing a peek into the lives of narcissists, sexual eccentrics, obsessive-compulsives, food freaks, thrill-seekers, and many more. Colorful vignettes about real people are provided. These amusing short examples are illustrated with Buck Jones' hilarious drawings.

In Are You Crazy? the most fascinating foibles are described with style. Readers will meet regular, everyday folks and their odd habits. Including:

•  The dental hygienist who breaks out in a cold sweat if the peas touch her mash potatoes on her dinner plate.(And don't even ask about the gravy!)

•  The secretary who toys with "fictitious bereavement." She collects sympathy cards and takes plenty of paid time off because she periodically tells colleagues that members of her family just died.

•  The accountant compelled to sort her M&Ms© by color before she eats one color at a time.

•  The young mother who can't go to sleep until she smoothes out every wrinkle on her bed sheet - while she is lying in bed.

•  The "footsie" who only gets aroused when his wife rubs her feet on his face.

•  The teacher who leaves her shoes on when she showers.(So the germs won't get her.)

•  The 30-year-old amorous programmer who, since puberty, sneezes whenever she thinks of kinky sex.(And her husband who believes she is thinking of him - wrong!)

So, if you have your own little rituals for eating, sleeping, making love, getting dressed, etc., this book is for you.

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