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About the Author

msAndrew N. WilliaAndrew Williams is an experimental psychologist with 20 years of experience conducting interviews in academic, government, and private firms. He was raised in England where he earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology. He immigrated to the US in the 1980s where he earned his Masters in psychology. Andrew’s career is in social science research where he has overseen the administration of interviews to over half a million people, to answer questions such as:

  • How do tax payers want their money spent?
  • Is there a Gulf War Syndrome?
  • What happens to adopted children?
  • Do students get the education they deserve?
  • How much do professors really work?
  • How well do the elderly fare on Medicare?
  • How can Medicaid be improved?
  • What causes birth defects?
  • How can we encourage more women to get mammograms?
  • How to prevent risky driving behavior?
  • What do employees think of their bosses?
  • What causes people to go bankrupt?
  • Why do people quit their jobs?
  • How can we stop people from running over themselves with riding lawn mowers?
  • What causes teachers to lose their voices?
  • How can we turn trash into electricity?
  • What will be more popular in the future cats or dogs?

Andrew N. WilliamsAndrew has written dozens of technical reports, authored journal articles, and regularly presents papers at international conferences. He served as a Guest Researcher at the National Institutes of Mental Health where he was granted an award by the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences for his research on cocaine.

Andrew’s knowledge of psychology also has a very personal element. In 2001, after 17 wonderful years of marriage, Andrew lost his wife and best friend to mental illness. Since that time he has focused on educating others about personality strengths and foibles.

Andrew's expertise and comfortable writing style, enable him to decipher psychological secrets buried in obscure reports and divulge them to readers in a unique and revealing manner. He has examined thousands of research studies and summarized the most interesting to entertain and inform. Andrew lives with his collection of African masks in rural Iowa.

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