How Do You Compare?
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I gladly recommend this book to all who want to learn more about themselves, about how they compare with others, and, above all, how they might go about improving their lives. If you're looking for a self-help book that is based on real scientific research, yet is interesting and fun to read, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything better . . .

Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty
The Radical Academy

You can use this book to keep yourself mentally and emotionally on track. Perhaps if enough people did, we'd all live in a much brighter world.

Mark Lamendola

. . .fascinating tidbits gleaned from psychological research.

Dallas Morning News.

There is great stuff in here!!

Tom Pope
Powernomics Radio Network

A truly terrific book!

Alan McBride
Florida Radio Network

Williams is an experienced and respected professional with a biting wit and a good sense of fun.

Monika Stark
January Magazine

Very interesting. Research psychologist Andrew Williams provides a fun reference book that enables users to learn plenty about themselves.

Harriet Klausner
The Best Reviews

A fascinating trip into the world of psychology and relationships, How Do You Compare is a joy to read.

My teenage daughter, who enjoys creative writing, said she likes the chapter on creativity. Just imagine that -- a parent and a teenager having a new basis for a conversation, because they've read the same book.

Mike Lepore

. . . grab a copy of How Do You Compare? find a pencil, and get ready to have a lot of fun while gaining some insight.

Lynda E. Lukow

How Do You Compare? is one of the most fun and original books to come out of the self-help genre, and provides food for thought for anyone wanting to discover more about themselves.

Allan Hunkin
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What Others Are Saying...

"How Do You Compare? was so fun, I could not put it down!" —CP

"I work with a lot of different people. After reading How Do You Compare? I see them differently and understand more about how people act." —NR

"How Do You Compare is all good, but parts are hysterical. I could not laugh hard enough at some of those odd psychology studies!" —MS

"A real eye-opener. I found out a lot about myself—sometimes too much!" —JP

"Since reading How Do You Compare?, I better understand who I am. " —KW.


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