How Do You Compare?
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How Do You Compare? How Do You Compare?

How satisfying is your relationship? Are you living up to your creative potential? Are you a good lover? How clever are you? Are you happy enough? Learn more about yourself and discover fascinating facts about everyone else in How Do You Compare? For example, did you know that it is easier to fall in love after vigorous exercise? That more intelligent women have better sexual fantasies? That you can increase your IQ by chewing gum?

How Do You Compare? has all the answers. This book is a terrific blend of :

•  interesting, professional personality tests,
•  fun, thoughtful analysis, and
•  sound self-improvement hints.

How Do You Compare? explores six major elements of personality - IQ, Creativity, Romance, Sex, Happiness, and Work Ethic, and provides you with tools for self-discovery through comparison and self-reflection. Andrew Williams, has uncovered a treasure trove of psychological surprises hidden in esoteric journals. Virgin?
In How Do You Compare? the most interesting results are summarized and revealed to the reader. Once you learn your score and what it means, you can find out how you stack up against thousands of others who took the same test. Chock-full of entertaining trivia, cartoons, and recent findings from the world of psychology, How Do You Compare? will enlighten and entertain you.



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