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Can Exercise Help You Land a Mate?

Exercise can help you find a mate and you
don't even have to break a sweat.

The answer is yes, but don't worry you don't even have to sweat. The expression no pain, no gain does not apply here; if you know about excitation transfer. When it comes to using this fascinating principle, timing is everything.

It is common knowledge that when we exercise our hearts beat wildly, our skins flush, and we sweat. Some even feel a mild sense of euphoria. These physical responses are expected; our bodies know what is going on. But, after a good workout, it takes a while for our bodies to return to normal. During this lag time, our heart rate remains high, we continue to perspire, and we have a healthy radiance. This is the time to bump into someone you would like to meet. Provided you wait until your potential mate has finished exercising, their unsuspecting body may misread its warm and fuzzy glow. It thinks: My heart is all a twitter, I’m all hot and steamy, I must be in love. People regularly transfer their excited states incorrectly. To apply this knowledge and catch a mate, hang out outside of health clubs, tennis courts, swimming pools etc.

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